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Contractors from all walks of life

We work with contractors from all sectors, backgrounds and experience levels. Working with your recruitment agency we will be informed of your contractual commitments and responsibilities so we can guide you on the structure that will suit your work, but it isn’t until we speak with you and understand all the other commitments you have that we will be able to fine tune the providers that will suit your circumstances best. We are an independent company, not connected or owned by your recruitment agency and as such our relationship will hopefully be guided by our service to you and we hope will be long and prosperous.

Our end to end service will help you find the most beneficial set-up for your needs and, most importantly, a provider that specialises in the type of service you require – and it’s absolutely free!

Contact us for a personal report and ask us any questions you need to.

What our partners think

Claire, Recruitment Consultant, Manchester

“Working with Umbrella Exchange has been a breeze. My colleague suggested I start referring my contractor candidates their way and it’s paid off for all involved. They have a superb level of customer service, where nothing is ever too much trouble, and it’s great knowing that any client I recommend will be well looked after”

Discover the benefits of working with us


Operating to the highest standards

Looking to grow your company and provide your contractor candidates with the highest levels of support alongside the assignments you provide them with?

Working with Umbrella Exchange means you can do just that without spending a penny. Referring your candidates to our services delivers a range of benefits, including:

  • Accurate and dependable legislative knowledge. We can assist with queries over contracts, employment, finances or tax law. No matter what the issue, we keep up to date with the latest contractor related regulations so you don’t have to.
  • Making sure your contractors are getting the best service and paid on time. We have our eyes and ears all over the industry and can offer the latest information to contractors from payroll solutions, with both Limited Company and Umbrella Company options, plus a range of complementary financial services specific to the needs of contract workers.
  • A convenient point of contact to act as a go between with your contractor clients. We promise to deal with contractor queries quickly and efficiently and will ensure they receive ongoing support from some of the best service providers in the market. This reliable, friendly service guarantee means your contractor candidates are less likely to bother you with questions or complaints.

Our outstanding support and information isn’t driven by making a sale or shoehorning your candidates into the simplest option. We pride ourselves on giving open and honest guidance with absolutely no cost to your business. By working in partnership, we believe that contractors and recruiters can become more efficient, boost revenues and grow as a business.

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