Umbrella Companies

Umbrella Companies

The Off Payroll reforms in the private sector have been rescheduled to come in to play in April 2021.If you are operating through a limited company check now if you’re going to be able to continue to operate through it or whether or not it will be more commercially viable to use an Umbrella Company. We can discuss with you the services available and umbrella companies that can be the best fit for your circumstances moving forward.

Limited Companies

Limited Companies are still viable for highly skilled contractors who can demonstrate they are not supervised, directed or controlled in what they do at the client’s site. Our partners can take the heat off your administration duties. They can guide and prompt you to ensure that you comply with company law and Reporting requirements so you can focus on your contracting.

Contractor Accountants
Tax Compliance Consultants

Personal Tax Services

Every year hundreds and thousands of contractors miss their tax return deadlines because they haven’t had the time to review their finances or simply don’t know where to start to find the information they need to complete their return on time. We work with partners specialised in helping contractors identify what they need to complete their return and help them to complete it in time for the deadline. We also have partners that can help you if you are undergoing a HMRC enquiry into your affairs. This can be very stressful and having the right support can alleviate that pressure and allow you to focus on your contracting.


If it’s time to step off the rental ladder and take the plunge with buying a home that’s your own then you will find that due to your status of not being a full time employee lending options are virtually non-existent. We work with contractor mortgage specialists who can advise you on lenders and the best way about borrowing money to fund your new home.

Mortgage Brokers

Improve your marketing

If you are struggling with finding an assignment or placement then it may be time to review how you market yourself. Is your online profile consistent with your CV? Are your skills up to date and relevant for what hirers are looking for now? Are you easy to contact or do you simply rely on an email address? Are you signed up with an agency that can place you in the line of work you excel at? At Umbrella Exchange we regularly post on aspects of soft skills, industry intel and personal marketing that can make a difference to securing a contract. Stay in touch with us to get the latest advice and tips.

Working with you

We work with contractors to set out their options and help them to choose the best way to proceed. As a broker we work with many providers and regularly review them to ensure that our recommendations are best in class. This means that you don’t have to waste endless hours trying to make a decision. We will have you set up quickly and can undertake a lot of the registration process as well as get you the best deal in town.

We know how the contractor market ticks, what’s trending, which providers are offering the best value and service, and how legislation changes can have a knock on effect on you. Bringing together an extensive range of service options, including umbrella companies, contractor accountants, insurance brokers and mortgage brokers, we can present you with the best providers and even help you deal with the transition from your current set up.

Latest news

For the latest news and information affecting contractors, including key topics such as IR35, please view our blog page here.

Is Umbrella Exchange right for you?

Yes, we are pretty sure it is. Your time and effort are at the heart of everything we do. Utilising our extensive experience and knowledge and identifying a good deal enables us to know what will work for your individual circumstances.

So if you are working on assignment in the public service sector then we won’t waste your time discussing an accountancy solution but can help you choose an umbrella company. If you are a contractor who has had a brush with IR35, then we’ll look at how a contract review service can be beneficial as part of an accountancy package. Although our name is Umbrella Exchange, it’s not just umbrella companies we can help you with.

Whether you describe yourself as a professional contractor, consultant, like to just dabble in project work from time to time or are the MD of a multi-sector recruitment firm, we at Umbrella Exchange think we have some really great options and would like to work with you.


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