Reader matter:

My ex remains in love myself and I also’m matchmaking his companion. About four or five several months ago, we dumped my personal sweetheart of seven several months. We just weren’t correct anymore. Now per month and a half later, the guy confessed he has and constantly will cherish myself.

Note: i am a teenager, so this is different matchmaking than adults.

What is the proper move to make?

-Rebekah (United States Of America)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Solution:

Dear Rebekah:

What is the “right” thing to do is actually a rather various question from what “should” i really do. This is not an etiquette concern. This is a question about your feelings, the thoughts of your ex-boyfriend and also the emotions of their companion.

You have quite a nest of thoughts to take into account right here, darling. The most effective I can perform is always to outline a few questions for you to give consideration to.

First of all, when he was actually the man you’re seeing, did you split up because you two were not compatible or as you skipped the opportunity to learn some dispute resolution skills?

And is your ex really deeply in love with you now, or have you ever become more attractive as you are keeping hands along with his companion?

And think about the intentions of their friend? Is actually the guy fighting together with his buddy or being a really conscious sweetheart?

I differ to you about a very important factor. Dating for teenagers is not different than online dating for grownups. Every union we impacts almost every other commitment we’ll have. Our company is training ourselves as a great companion all our physical lives.

Are you learning how to be kind, dedicated and honest while being clear about getting the requirements came across? Or are you currently bowing to demands from dudes in attempts to feel “liked.”

My personal advice: Figure out who you’re, what you want and talk that clearly to both teenagers. Its your emotions that issue right here.

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