Create some buzz

Announce your intention to move into contracting by updating your LinkedIn status and sharing with your contacts. Your contacts will now be aware of your situation and can share any opportunities with you. The opportunity to congratulate you on your new status will also give your confidence a boost and could energise you with ideas.

Setting up

Having looked at your set-up options now is the time to take action. Don’t waste time and effort. Contact us for impartial recommendations on the options you have and the best providers available to suit your individual circumstances. Our partners offer Umbrella solutions and Limited Company support. They have all demonstrated commitment to customer service and many have been vetted by industry bodies to ensure their processes are robust.

Getting cover

As a contractor you will need to consider what business and professional insurance cover you need. If you choose the Umbrella Company route then most business insurances relating to the company are already in place. These will include Employers Liability Insurance, Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance. You may need to consider any other insurance cover relating to your profession that needs to be in place before you commence an assignment. If you are using your own limited company then you will need to have the correct legal insurances in place for your company and we can help you through our insurance partners who specialise in contractor company insurances.


If you are going to operate through an umbrella company you will have your contract of employment in place before you go on assignment. The umbrella will have negotiated contracts in place with your agency or end client. If you are operating through your own limited company then you need to have a robust Contract for Services. A thorough understanding of how you operate vis a vis IR35 will be critical in order to ensure your Contract for Services mirrors how you operate.

Finding work

You need to have a steady stream of income and this is through using as many sources as you can. A reliable and hassle free way of finding work is to register with a recruitment agency. Friends may recommend to you who they use but do a little homework and identify a recruitment company that has the right fit with what you want to do. Call and make an appointment to talk to a consultant and find out how you can work together. Your LinkedIn activity will also highlight the areas you specialise in and using this powerful platform in the correct way will attract attention which you can put to good use in finding contracts. You may also have built up a professional network of contacts offline and could reach out to this network to find work.

Need some help?

If you are struggling with any of the above why not give us a call. We are experienced in supporting contractors across the UK to make the most from their decision to go contracting and can be a good sounding board for helping you solve any dilemmas.

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Latest news

For the latest news and information affecting contractors, including key topics such as IR35, please view our blog page here.

Is Umbrella Exchange right for you?

Yes, we are pretty sure it is. Your time and effort are at the heart of everything we do. Utilising our extensive experience and knowledge and identifying a good deal enables us to know what will work for your individual circumstances.

So if you are working on assignment in the public service sector then we won’t waste your time discussing an accountancy solution but can help you choose an umbrella company. If you are a contractor who has had a brush with IR35, then we’ll look at how a contract review service can be beneficial as part of an accountancy package. Although our name is Umbrella Exchange, it’s not just umbrella companies we can help you with.

Whether you describe yourself as a professional contractor, consultant, like to just dabble in project work from time to time or are the MD of a multi-sector recruitment firm, we at Umbrella Exchange think we have some really great options and would like to work with you.


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